What sets Ceemless Air apart from other shipping companies is passion & vision….

It is the ability to think outside the box, to provide personalized shipping solutions in a unique way.  We cater to every detail of your shipping requirements by building a service around your needs; unlike the giant express companies, where you have to fit in with their system.  Christopher Serrano, our President and Founder, started his career at a mid-sized domestic organization where he learned the value and importance of customer service.  Eventually he landed at an International shipping company where he met and learned some of the most important lessons of international shipping: Price and Reliability on a global basis. Working at that company gave him the opportunity to see what was lacking and to fine tune the shipping process to a level rarely seen in this industry.  By combining grass roots attention to detail with an “anything is possible” attitude, he was able to form a company that provides the best service in the industry, to just about any part of the world and at extremely competitive prices.  Here at Ceemless Air, we handle each and every shipment with informed decisions and a total commitment to your project.

Any freight, Any situation, Any time.